Ooh Supermen

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textile, furniture, nylons
1.30 x 2.40 x 1.20 metres Installation made for the project
The Ideal Man. Artist in residence in Artoll, Bedburg Hau Germany.
Ideal men are powerful. Our world is made up winners. A man has to have a career to prove himself. Power was previously transferred by blood relationship, nowadays power has to be worked for.
My work is based on cultural social issues. I start with a concept, then pure intuition takes over. My homely materials creates sculptures and installations. The base for the Ideal Man was the theme ‘man and power’.
The classic men's suits show male identity as a ruler. Each fabric represents a different individuality; the negotiator, the visionary, the networker; skills required for proper functioning are reflected in the fabric.
In the construction of tables and chairs, the human dimension of leadership is to recognize. It is like a network, a temporary but reliable construction.
Major decisions are always taken at the table. Under this table, the atmosphere changes, obscure things happen, there are unconscious processes that are not controllable.
The beauty of power is undermined? Is our deepest fear that we are inadequate?